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Female Nurse for Ministry of Health Project (Saudi Arabia)

Female Nurse for Ministry of Health Project (Saudi Arabia)

Location of employment:  Saudi Arabia

Name of project: Ministry of Health of Saudi Arabia recruitment

Position available: Female Nurse

1. Min. 2 years experience or graduated before August 2012

2. Min 22 years old

3. Bachelor in nursing

4. Speak and write in English (Arabic will be Authorized)

Salary offered starting SAR 4500 (depends on the experience and expertise)

Accommodation, transportation and meal provided by employer

To apply for the position please prepaere your papers:

1. CV (for CV sample please click

2. Copy of bachelor in nursing certificate (only the certificate issued before August 2012 will be accepted)

3. Copy of senior high school certifiate

4. Copy of diploma certifiate (if you studied in nursing academy prior to getting degree)

5. SIP/STR (should be valid)

6. Experience Certificate (should be at least two years total)

7. Training certificates (if any)

Submit those papers  to

Or you can visit our office, click our address to get to know our location

The interview will be held appoximately end of August 2014.

No training will be held.

We will forward the e-book about interview preparation to those who send us the CV and meet the qualification written above.


If the candidate meet the quota in Central Java, then the test will be held in FIKKES Unimus, but if the quota is not significant then the test will be held in Head Office  Jakarta by PT. Bidar Timur.


Please send your CV to :
FOR NURSE CENTRAL JAVA, EAST JAVA Kindly Send Your CV to with Submit Code (NR-SMG) For Semarang, NR-JGY (Jogjakarta), NR-TEGAL, NR-MALANGFurther Info For Central Java and East Java
MR. Mamdukh Budiman Tlp : 0857-999-80013

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